Our aim is to help you create, capture & cherish your memories & life through our bespoke jewellery range & Luxy Lockets.   


We are Love K London, the thoughtful jewellery company. Founded in September 2013, we exist to enable you to create an affordable yet bespoke piece of meaningful jewellery that will forever be close to your heart. Inspired by every woman's unique life story, we want you to be able to wear what you love & love what you wear! 
We believe in individualism and the joy in expressing who you are. Our jewellery will weave its way into your consciousness and form a memento of all thats important to you.
Everyone has a story to tell, be it from our past, our present or our impending future. Let us help you create versatile jewellery to suit your own individual taste & style whilst telling your special story.
Each piece is chosen by you & centres around a coveted glass showcase locket. Our lockets are durable and hypo-allergenic and made from high quality stainless steel. They are of a superior quality and are finished in either rhodium, 18k rose gold or 24k gold. They can also be opened and closed to enable you to switch your charms as and when you please.
Jewellery is the most iconic way to make a statement. Instantly embrace & express yourself by adding your choice of charms or crystals to your locket to show & share all that you love. Whether it be your family, a loved one, your faith, or your hobbies. With hundreds of charms to choose from there is something for everyone, whatever your story.
The concept is easy - choose, build, wear & share your stories with pride! All you need to do is follow a few simple steps which can be found in the "How To Build" section.

With experience & a passion for silversmithing & jewellery making & design, we make our own pieces as well as sourcing jewellery and components from around the globe.

Bring out your creative side & start designing your masterpiece. You'll find endless ways to customise your look!
Who needs words - let your jewellery do the talking.